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Contact for applications:

手机新澳门棋牌官网Cornelia Nordheim

手机新澳门棋牌官网+49 6196 7760-328

手机新澳门棋牌官网+49 6196 7760-513


Svenja Fraumbaum

+49 172 542 59 05

+49 6196 7760-513


Applications for apprenticeship:

手机新澳门棋牌官网Cecilia Albert

手机新澳门棋牌官网+49 6196 7760-352

+49 6196 7760-513


My career at Messer

手机新澳门棋牌官网What does it mean to work for Messer? Or to put it another way: what distinguishes a career at Messer from one at other companies? Stefan Messer himself is best placed to answer these questions.

手机新澳门棋牌官网As the grandson of the company’s founder, he has always enjoyed direct contact with the company, but he had to fight for the position he holds today. He has brought the company back into family ownership and turned it into the largest owner-managed industrial gases specialist.